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v1 Build Guide

Bill of materials

Part Quantity Link/Store Notes
Teensy 2.0 and headers 2 PJRC  
ADNS 9800 or PMW 3360 breakout board 1 ADNS PMW  
TRRS socket PJ-320A 2 Amazon  
Reset switch 2 Sparkfun  
Through-hole diode 39 Amazon  
Through-hole 4.7k resistor 2 Amazon  
Hand plate 2 GitHub Recommended 1.5mm thick when manufacturing
Left thumb plate 1 GitHub  
Right thumb plate 1 GitHub  
Hand PCB v1.1 2 GitHub  
Thumb PCB v1.1 2 GitHub  
Male-to-male TRRS cable 1 Google  
Mini-USB cable 1 Google To connect keyboard to host (e.g. PC); you probably want USB-A on the other end
Left case 1 GitHub  
Right case 1 GitHub  
Bearing mount 1 GitHub  
ADNS or PMW cover 1 ADNS PMW  
Right-angled pin headers (strip of 4 at 2.54mm) 4 (x4) SparkFun Will need stacked pin headers if using the ADNS9800
4 pin jumper wire ~10cm 4 Amazon Only needs the pin sockets at one end, but if two-ended (female-to-female), can just chop one end off
18mm M2 bolts 12 Google  
22mm M2 bolts 2 Google  
M2 nuts 14 Google  
Balls to support trackball, 3.175mm diameter 3 Amazon  
0.98” / 25mm diameter trackball 1 Mini pool balls Any hard, low friction 0.98” / 25mm diameter ball will suffice
MX style switch 39    


This build is essentially the same as the v2 build guide, with a few differences in the v1.0 PCB:

  • the diode silkscreen is back-to-front; either reverse the diode directions physically, or update the DIODE_DIRECTION in the your keymap config.h when compiling the firmware:
  • the TRRS silkscreen is back-to-front; make sure to solder the TRRS jack on to the bottom side of the PCB (same side as diodes)
  • compile QMK firmware with one of the following depending on sendor type:
    make oddball/v1:default
    make oddball/v1:pmw3360