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Oddball Keyboard

The Oddball is a split mechanical keyboard with an integrated trackball. While drawing inspiration from things like the Jian and the Dactyl Manuform, it is instead designed with a switch plate and PCB to give it durability, replicability, and a more utilitarian look. It has a relatively minimal key layout, typically with 39 keys in total. The PCB is reversible so it can be built with 0, 1 or theoretically 2 trackballs. Due to the height and angle of the optical sensor, and as an ergonomic bonus, it requires a tented case.

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  • split design
  • 39 keys
  • trackball
  • click, click + drag, scroll
  • dynamic CPI (trackball cursor speed)
  • columnar staggered keys
  • tented case
  • angled thumb clusters
  • QMK firmware

Version 1

Pretty v1

Version 2

Pretty v2

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

Credit to Aaron Walker for taking the pretty photos.